Dec 292018

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

Born and raised in a big family with members of different religions, I experienced celebrating most of the festival that we have here in Malaysia.

One season that I always look forward to celebrate is the Christmas festival.

I always am a fan of christmas trees. They are pretty during the season. Credit photo from google

Yeap, it may sounds awkward and not usual to some people as we are Moslem and we celebrate this together?

Trust me, its more than a religious festival. It is the one time that most of our family members took leave from their workplace, packed their things and go straight home to where their true heart await.

Back when I was still a little girl, mom always took us back to her hometown, Ranau to gather around with her relatives.

There, I experienced occasions like the caroling, the gift changing session and also the makan-makan, where I hear story about my family members back when they were younger and prettier or more handsome, they said.

It is funny, full of warmth of family getting together. Of course, mom and my fellow Moslem aunties will cook and prepared the meals, whilst my Christians family will have their corner for alcohol-gathering-session.

I never have had problems with that, but as I grew up I truely cant stand the reek-smeel of kampung’s made alcohol, so sometimes we leave their houses before they started the session.

This year, I did not go back to Ranau with mom and my two other sisters, but I do wish them a Merry-Cheary Christmas, may all my family members who celebrated it will continue their prosper life and be succes forever, in health and in wealth.

This merry festival is more than a religious thing, because we never interfered in their praying as they also respected us during our prayer time.

So cherish your time with family in every festival and gathering you have, because we never know when will we be able to do it again, as we are slightly be away from them because of work.

Okay, to end my sharing today, I would love to share few pictures taken by my sister and family during Christmas.

yup, I chose the blurred one -sigh-
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Im a mother of 3 boys, very active and growing up fast. I love to share oir little family's happiness with you, thus I love to write about it.

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