Hi guys, Im Anidah or Nida as people commonly call me. Im a mother of 3 boys, yup very active and very much attention seekers. We are from a district called Kota Belud in Sabah, but currently working in Sandakan for the time being. Im a teacher by profession and of course a blogger by interest.

I passiontely write about my motherhood journey, on staying healthy to take good care of myself and my family. Taking the right supplements and having a balance lifestyle, I believe is the key to have positive mind and attitude.

Books also one of my favourite past time, as I would love to persue my dream, to write reviews and suggestions about books. I believe in books sometime we can find ourselves be much related to the characters and it somehow reminds us on how will we live our life forwards.

Its nice to have you people in my circle. I love to know your opinions and sharing, as it will also be my inspiration to do a good writing.

Till then

Love Nida